Richmond’s AFL grand final awakening

Richmond produced its best on the biggest stage and has fulfilled the dreams of there lifelong fans.

This year, the AFL Grand Final housed two of the most competitive sides in the competition. The Richmond Tigers were set to face and battle out against its hidden long-time rivals the Adelaide Crows.

Richmond fans have dealt with multiple wooden spoons, save our skins and ‘Ninthmond’ jokes but this year’s grand final saw nothing but black and yellow flood the field.

Tension and angst flooded the MCG as Tigers and Crows fans flocked in support of their teams to take out this years Grand final.

This was the first time Richmond had seen a final, after a long 37-year wait.

And today, their drought was put to an end. The Richmond Tigers defeated the Crows with a 48-point lead in front of 100,021 fans and the MCG.

The Adelaide Crows came out with a firing start, managing two goals in the opening minutes of the game.

Shortly after goals were rewarded to Tigers players Josh Caddy and Bachar Houli to tighten the gap between the teams. But the Crows hit back to lead with an 11-point lead in the first break.

For a quarter and a half, Richmond led by 28 points leaving the Crows goalless, with motivation and adrenaline running high. Crow’s Taylor Walker broke Adelaide’s goal drought through the third term.

The Tigers were quick to fight back, taking the next four goals to break free with a 48-point lead early on in the game moment where Richmond fans stood in a state of disbelief, beginning to anticipate that this year was theirs.

Despite Adelaide coming back to score three late consolation goals, the spirits of the Tigers prevailed and took the team to victory.

While both teams performed, this years AFL final proved to be the highlight for the underdogs. Finally providing the opportunity for the Tigers to step up and claim the 2017 Premiership, a moment long awaited for die-hard fans.


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