Kygrios exhibits unlawful sportsmanship and aggressive rage after another horrific loss in this year ITF Tour.

It is not the first time this year we have seen the Australian tennis star suffer and blame a sports injury for an epic loss.

Nick Kygrios continues to showcase a lack of sportsmanship in this year’s loss at the US Open.

The 22-year old relived his past; this comes after battling against his courtside box during the defeat, while also needing a medical time out to cater to a shoulder injury.

After going down to fellow Aussie John Millman 6-3, 1-6, 6-4, 6-1 in the opening round in New York City. It seemed that the young tennis star was unable to acknowledge his disappointing defeat and attitude.

In the fourth set, Kygrios was issued a code violation by umpire Carlos Ramos. This was after linesmen reported the player swearing on court, a claim that Kygrios has publicly denied.

Kygrios told the chairman, “I didn’t swear. You can’t give me a code. You don’t even know what I said”.

Shortly after, the tennis star destroyed his racquet in a rage of anger, accumulating a second code violation and a mandatory point penalty to begin the fourth set.

Earlier this year, Kygrios made a statement claiming he no longer loved the game as he once did.

“There are players out there that are more dedicated, that want to get better, that strive to get better every day, the one-per-centers,” said Kygrios after his loss to Millman at the US Open. “I’m not that guy.”

This follows his lack of dedication during this year Cincinnati Masters, he told media “I was playing basketball… every day for two hours. I played an hour of basketball before I played David Ferrer in the semi-final.”

Kygrios admits his new coach Frenchman Sebastien Grosiean deserves better, as there are other tennis players who have the dedication and drive he is lacking, to progress in the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

Kygrios has been chosen to compete for Australia in the Davis Cup Semi-final against Belgium, which begins later this year on the 15th September.

The Davis Cup will be one of the last tournaments of 2017 for Kygrios.


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