Hat-trick Heartbreak, the eagles suffer yet another heartbreaking loss.

Ingleburn Eagles fans flocked down to Ron Dine Memorial in support for the All Age 3 finals day.

The Eagles were hoping the third time would be a charm today, after having made the final for the last two years, however, coming home with a defeat.

The game started slowly with the Eagles defending against their opponent, the Bradbury Bears. After fifteen minutes in, the nerves of both teams calmed and players stepped up to the ball. Eagles players defended hard, giving any opportunity to give to their striker to take a shot for goal.

Eagles Co-Caption Ricky Davidson says, “we started off shaky but by the time that whistle blew we all knew that we had to make this year memorable.

“Half time gave us the opportunity to regather and come out harder than we did in the first half.”Untitled.png

The last 15 minutes saw a yellow card awarded to both teams, for misconduct and foul play. Neither the Eagles nor the Bears were strong enough to execute a goal during 90 minutes of game time.

“We created more opportunities than them where they only looked dangerous on set pieces, which is what has been an issue for us this season especially against Bradbury”, said Eagles player Dean Morgan.

After 0-0 at full time, the finals went into extra time with two halves played for fifteen minutes each.

Aggression from both sides was at its all time high, fighting for the goal to break the games drought. Lindsay Short was able to score the Eagles first goal during extra time, later followed by a goal from the Bradbury bears.

The Eagles then stepped into an even penalty shootout. With a man down after a controversial red card during the second half, this did not dampen their spirits. The first penalty goal taken by the Eagles spirits where soaring, taking the lead 2-1.

As the score became neck to neck, the pressure set in for each of the goalies to save the reputation of their team. With only two shots left, the scoreboard read 5-5.

Ricky Davidson took the last shot for the Eagles, angling the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal proved no match for the bear’s goalie saving their last shot.

The eagles stood stunned as the last bears player stepped up to take the games last goal, with pressure riding high the midfielder took the shot high into the left corner causing eagles goalie to dive and miss the goal.

Dean explained the heartbreak after the third consecutive loss. “Its just hard to swallow losing another penalty shoot out in consecutive years. When it gets to penalties it’s a toff of a coin”.

With some players vouching to hang up their boots after years for playing for the Ingleburn Eagles, it has only the club to come back next year with a stronger team.

We are yet to see what the 2018 league is yet to bring.


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