David Reynolds takes home the Bathurst 1000 claiming a 4th win

The Bathurst 1000 was plunged into chaos the Australian weather lived up to its unpredictable nature, causing the V8 drivers to battle through a whirlwind of rain.

The weather did not serve as an obstacle for Aussie jokester and Holden driver David Reynolds securing his first place victory. The 32-year-old driver battled through the horrific weather conditions, and a series of crashes and safety cars in the end stages.

The victory secured by a 4 second lead on his fellow drivers.

The days efforts tested all drivers to their limits, “I’ve got nothing left to give” Reynolds said.

Reynolds partner Luke Youlden was speechless, excited to have won his first Bathurst 1000 on his 18th attempt. The teammates stood together with pride to honour the team’s victory.

Reynolds mentioned his gratitude towards his teammate and crew, “I am absolutely spent. This bloke drove unbelievably all day. My crew was faultless. Man, it was just a perfect day. It was so good.”

Reynolds celebrated in a ‘true Aussie’ style taking off his racing boot as a glass for a victory champagne drink.

Reynolds and Youlden’s win was also a victory for the team and owner Betty Klimenko.

Reynolds moved to Klimenko’s team two years ago, from former powerhouse FPR to substitute Erebus walkout Will Davison. Joining Erebus has proved a solid professional move for Reynolds.

“This team just ticks every box,” he said.

Team owner and dedicated V8 personality Klimeko was visibly emotional after her team conquered ‘the mountain’, unable to offer comment on the win.

Reynolds pitted for slick tyres with 31 laps to go, and with his focus and determination he was able to drive and achieve a historic win. This years Bathurst 1000 resulted in an epic win for the underdogs.


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