Angels vs. Demons

The process of emotions often can be viewed as convoluted. Like a maze or as men like to think women, difficult to navigate and understand.Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 7.14.37 PM.png

Emotion is a concept that is derived from the psychological state of feeling, resulting in psychological and physical changes that influence behaviour and thought. So whilst your sobbing friend sits on their bed, crying “I’m a ball of emotion right now” they are not completely wrong.

Generally, it is said that thoughts are not enough to provoke emotions. Ultimately it is our perceptions and opinions that affect how we feel and think about things. For example our emotions change when rolls are reversed, when an individual perceives themselves as being a victim in a situation often emotions become vulnerable whereas being in the position of the higher power, we tend to feel empowered and confident.

While perception fuels our emotion, faith and belief empower our thoughts. “When you invest faith in a thought it becomes empowered and can generate emotions“. Investing in an idea or thought based on how you perceive what is going on, distinguishes the type of emotion you feel and how you act.

You could say that is our emotions that dictate who we are on a daily basis. But it is notable  that not all emotions are expressed.

The question “is everything okay?” often can be comforting and daunting. Why is it when we are feeling happy, loving or proud we never cease a moment to show the world. But when we are feeling distraught, disappointed or humiliated we hide behind a facade? I constantly wonder why we are told to conceal such emotions.

Growing up I was taught to never show defeat, to hide jealousy and fight envy. “Put on a brave face”, a phrase many have heard and hidden behind. At the best of times, this advice helped me to persevere through the toughest times although creating a habit of concealing these emotions.

It is a common thought that showing signs of weakness or fragility alters an image of a person. When one is feeling stressed, ordinarily they continue to submerge themselves in their work load or run from their battles. Being immersed in this social norm of hiding our negative feelings, it is resulting in a decline of communication along with the incline of health problem as a result of bottling emotion.

Characterising negative emotions urges us to defeat or override ‘demon’ rather than express and overcome. Effectively there is a time and a place for every situation, along with a wrong and right

Recently I had an encounter with the ‘green-eyed monster’, formally known as jealousy. Jealousy with a side of envy, honestly had me feeling out of place. Something that I had never allowed myself to feel, being in the position I was in along with my altered perception and external influence it ate away at me. Resulting in my personality changing in attempt to hide behind my own fake smile.

Honestly it got to a point where I crumbled, and finally how I felt finally was set in stone. Shortly after venting, I was able to step back and analyse the situation. I eventually realised that my own feelings were normal, yet it was external influences that altered my perception of the situation.

I use myself as an example because I’ve always hidden my emotions. I have been subject to torn relationships between family and friends, even the instances where hiding emotion from a partner drives a wedge between someone you love.

Ultimately there is a time and a place for everything. Expressing happiness and sadness, gratitude or ungratefulness. As a human we are designed to have emotion towards everything that occurs in life, it is humane to feel jealousy regardless of religious or societal perspective.

Expressing emotion has the ability to enhance our self-worth and better communication between you and others.

In saying this, everything is to be done at appropriate times and in expressed in the correct way. Running away from what we feel , sometimes does not allow us to fulfil who we truly are.

What we should be realising is that sometimes our green-eyed monster is not always the bad guy. Maybe sometimes its trying to tell us something, take a load off and make us realise that everything we do is counteracted by an emotion.

Don’t always fight it, express it.


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