‘What’s Hidden?’ Proposal

Often there is more than meets the eye.

For my assessment I will be interviewing Patrick Russo. By day he is a courier driver, delivering mostly around the inner city area – five days a week. By night, he is a music producer.

His story will tackle his hidden natural talent as well as passion and love for all things music. He describes courier driving as a hobby as he enjoys driving, but also explains how driving for almost twelve hours a day gives him an escape from being in the studio. My story will centre around Pat, capturing his hidden attachment to music production along with some of the background information that have led him to love music. I intend to briefly interview one of his friends, to emphasise his hidden talent and passion for music production. Photographs will capture how different both of these jobs are but also capture the focus and attachment he has to his studio. By using black and white effects on each of the photos, I think tells his story as well as draw an attachment again to his studio.

For sound he has allowed me to use one of his own instrumentals, I think this will highlight the authenticity of his music and showcase his talent. The backing track to the interview he has expressed to be one of his favourite instrumentals he has created.


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