Person Place: A Tennis Court

Coming from a family so immersed in the game of tennis, myself and my sister have grown up in the game. But what I have noticed is that we both have a different meaning and a sentimental relationship to the game. I thought it would be intriguing to know how playing tennis makes her feel and the connection she has with the court.

She describes hitting the ball as “freeing”, I have the idea to capture the different sounds each shot makes as she hits the ball. I want to capture the routine of pulling up to the courts, placing her bag on the bench and then going for a run to replicate this sense of routine.

As part of playing tennis comes the next level of playing inter-state, from memory she has one particular final that shaped her outlook on the game and her motivation. Recreating her last shots and the atmosphere of outside the court will construct a nostalgic feel to the the interview.


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