The Game of Sports Journalism

We welcome Australia’s new journalists.

Passion and knowledge of sports is what drives sports journalists today, ultimately it is what makes for a thorough and intriguing sports report. The University of Wollongong accounts for numerous aspiring sports journalists both male and female. Each student has their aspirations, but are aware of the obstacles they may encounter on their path to success.


Young Georgia Stjelja taking on the position of Goal Defence for her local netball team

The connotations of sports journalism linger around males, and it is evident that it is a male dominant profession. University students Georgia and Eloise express their profound interest in sports journalism and determination to achieve their goal. “I’ve always played sports my dad was a major influence he always pushed me to do my best” says Georgia. “You have to start form the bottom… as long as you work hard you can always climb to where you want to be.” An ambition Eloise states what she is yet to face in the long journey of an upcoming sports journalist, although for the common female moving up the ladder in a sports company is not the only challenge they face.

I want to become a sports journalist to show society that females can join the area as well. – Georgia Stjelja 

Sexism in sports journalism is a current and large issue, interviewing both girls bought to light how this issue hits more than just the surface although it can break a valid opportunity. “I watch ESP and Fox Sports and there has hardly been a female reporter” expresses Georgia, Fox Sports Australia is home to only three females on the ‘Fox Sports News Team’. One of these females being Sarah Jones an inspiration to young Eloise with her work on the news network as well as being a commentator of the Vancouver Olympic Winter games, a goal Elle hopes to achieve. In contrast to females, male interest in sports journalism appears increasingly vaster. For both Luke and Jesse sports has been something that has been present in their lives from an early age.

For both Luke Simon and Jesse Godfrey sports journalism is but a dream. “Sports has been a large part of my life since the age of 5, with my skills and interests sports journalism is a prime area for me”, Luke commented. Due to constant participation and inspirations from the industry it drives these young males to achieve their dreams, for Jesse “Andrew Voss and Ray Hadley” are only some individuals who have a profound impact on his enjoyment of not only sports but also the profession. Although while the dream is the final goal both Jesse and Luke are aware of the challenges they are yet to face.

“I think one of the biggest problems will be location. USA focus on sports like NBA which really interest me” – Luke

“It is a competitive field and jobs are limited, but I think with my degree there will be something waiting for me” – Jesse

These upcoming journalists display passion and drive to succeed in the industry, whilst being aware of the challenges they face. It is the upcoming generation that are set to change the industry.


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