Welcoming our new leaders

A photo of Jamie and other of GYLC participating in a rally disputing rights for each of their countries

A photo of Jamie and other of GYLC participating in a rally disputing rights for each of their countries

“I knew what I was in for, but didn’t expect it to happen”.

Inspiration is inevitable. It can spark from anything, from a photograph to a single word. Individuals bounce off what appeals and connects with them. For young Jamie it was a trip to America that encouraged her to strive towards her ambitions.

Global Young Leaders Conference is held in America each year, where students from all around the world gather to learn how to become the world’s next leaders. Jamie was one out of four other students in her grade to be chosen to experience this trip.

As part of the GYLC tour students were given the opportunity to visit the White House as well as visit the United Nations Chambers, “Having the opportunity to sit at the tables of the UN and discuss global issues as representatives of our country, made my goals become so real”. She described the topics of discussion as ‘empowering’, from sorting out financial aid to supplying countries in poverty and hunger with clean food and water.

“It was an eye-opener”.

As all students were divided into designated countries, she found that deciding and agreeing on changes with students of other countries was conflicting. “I understand why it is so hard to pass laws and legislations across countries, ideologies and traditions are difficult to negotiate”.

It is experiences like this that driven young teenagers, it gives them a taste of their ultimate goal. Excitement and passion is what filled young Jamie’s eyes as she continued explain her experience at the UN.

Mother Mary-Ellen comments, “since coming back from the trip her determination to start her career as a human rights lawyer has never been so strong”.

Jamie has always interested in global politics and human rights, Amal Clooney is one of her many idols. She admires Amal’s many talents of being a lawyer, activist and writer. “I admire her”.

Amal is formally recognized as a successful human rights lawyer, although her profound beauty and her husband are not seen as distractions. “She is an inspiration who has had an influence on many individuals lives, she fights for the rights of the people”. Evidently Jamie’s passion to fight for the people is what is driving her through her degree.

Recently in 2015 she was accepted into the University of Wollongong, studying a bachelor of Law and International Studies. As a first year student she describes her current and future journey as “time consuming yet rewarding”.

“Everything I learn is making me motivated for what is yet to come”.

In years to come the young lady is looking to start a career as a legal officer for the Defence Force specializing in international operations law. Ultimately taking a position to work for the United Nations in the human rights council.

We reflect on the youth today, opportunities such as GYLC evidently have a profound impact on young individuals urging them to make a change. In years to come we expect individuals like Jamie fighting to make a change.


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