New Age Fashion

Physical and digital.

I question myself as to what my understanding of this relationship is. Although I have come to some conclusion.


Summer-bicycle-shoes-usb-charge-led-light-emitting-lighting-shoes-neon-shoes-trend-breathable-genuine-leatherDigital crafting is the action of merging a material object i.e shoes, with a form of  technology such as LED lights to create. The convergence of these two concepts come together to create the new phenomenon of LED sneakers.

Wearable technology is ideal in describing craft and digital making – and not only because it is my chosen media platform.

From this weeks lecture and further explored through the tutorial a phrase was said which allowed me to understand this weeks content. ‘Speculative realism‘ – when we look at an object we intend to find the correlation between thought and being.

I agree with this term, in the process of digital crafting manufactures and designers brainstorm the ways in which they can transform a tangible object into a digital artefact. We can explore this through LED sneakers. Below is a DIY video on how to create your own LED Sneakers.


3 thoughts on “New Age Fashion

  1. Pretty interesting combining (digital) technology with fashion wear, why you think about it. Such that now we also has shirts with LED lights on them, as well. Would it be a surprise if fashion trend in the future would evolve into such clothing with LED lighting such with the sneakers and shirts? Just imagine what the night life might be like with such fashion. Great and thoughtful post, nonetheless!


  2. Hey Mia,
    This was a very enjoyable read and I really enjoyed how you discovered a way to understand the concept. As technology improves, people are always finding ways to incorporate new technology into everyday objects, such as clothing. Personally, I think that including LED lights in shoes is pretty cool but if the LED lights were incorporated into other pieces of clothing like hats and pants, I think they would look tacky. I also enjoyed the way you included different forms of media such as image and youtube., have a look at this article on how LED lighting was presented at the Columbia Black Expo.
    I look forward to reading more of your content.


  3. It’s interesting to take LED lights in clothing as an example for this topic. Led lights are currently widely used in fashion, not only shoes but also dresses, accessories, etc. They even have shows for LED fashion. It is also commonly used in performance, especially dancing
    Well, as they said, this is the future shoes, the future fashion. Great post!


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