What is happening to the world of journalism?


Citizen Journalism seems to be taking over all types of newsfeeds both in positive and negative ways, the meme I have created above explains my view on the various types of social media commentators.

Journalism has been subject to media convergence which is effectively conveyed through the differences between legacy media and citizen journalism. Legacy media is based around the traditional forms of media such as radio, television or newspaper. Citizen journalism is where citizens of society are using various forms of technology to report on current issues, through statuses, tweets or photographs.

What is the difference?

Citizen journalism is classified as ‘produsage’, where the user has the liberty of creating what they desire with limited gatekeepers. Whereas legacy media you are passively interacting with media sources through listening or reading, and much of the content presented has gone through careful editing and consideration.

Pierre Levy concept of ‘Collective Intelligence‘, communicates the idea that no individual has the ability to comprehend all knowledge of a topic. Rather through technology and various users each are able to add or expand to the topic they are focusing on.

Collective Intelligence is a crucial term in my opinion, when explaining the relationship between citizen journalism and legacy media. Where legacy media presents the forefront of the particular story, citizen journalism then gives the opportunity for individuals to state their opinion or findings in relation to the current event. It also allows instantaneous exposure. We are exposed to a variety of views regarding the trending topic.

Citizen journalism is emerging and will continue to emerge as technology enhances. Rather than assuming that legacy media is fading, citizen journalism is enhancing legacy media and allowing society to interact and enhance the quality of news.


One thought on “What is happening to the world of journalism?

  1. Great meme! Also you defined collective intelligence and citizen journalism perfectly while been able to also effectively compare the two. Maybe a few examples from each concept would have made it a little more clear? Overall great blog! Easy read! 🙂 M


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