Remix Culture

On the topic of remixing, I thought I would give Prezi a go.

“Everything is a remix” – Kirby Ferguson

Remix culture has come a long way, with the help of convergent media it will only continue to expand. Over the last several decades music has largely been associated with remixing. Although diving into the world of film, art etc it seems that even what we deem to be ‘original’ is an appropriation of another existing artefact e.g. songs, movies, artworks.

I have found that while myself and many others question the originality of the ‘remixed’ content that is produced, each appropriation has its own unique take on the former product which in a sense I would argue is ‘original’. When we speak about remixing, it is not only copying and pasting elements of project onto a new platform but it is more about what we are incorporating these elements into and how we use it.


4 thoughts on “Remix Culture

  1. I found your prezi to be an interesting read, however there are a few aspects I think you could improve to encourage more audience engagement and interest. Perhaps including different examples of remixed content across different industries, for example Twighlight in the movie industry and Cheerleader by Felix Jaaehn. Also maybe including additional sources or academic sources as extended research for the audience if they feel so inclined. Other than those things it was a very engaging post, thanks for sharing.


  2. I found your idea to create a Prezi interesting and unique, something set apart from endless words on a blog post.

    As intriguing as I do find your presentation, I must disagree in theory with some points you bring forth. I do honestly believe that there are still today so many pieces of art and information that are original and unique. At your nearest book store, movie store, music store, you will find countless works that are made entirely by one author/producer. No doubt there are numerous exterior influences to such works, we do live in the 21st century! However this does not mean that the work has been formed by the “remixing” of other works. I personally believe that unless stated, a piece of work produced by a person is their own “fresh” creation.

    You have raised some interesting and noteworthy topics here. It would have been helpful and more engaging if there was some content including examples of “remixes”.


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