Started from the bottom now we’re here.

So this week I decided to experiment with Soundcloud. I apologise for my voice and the change in tone at times!

We explore the ways in which the convergence of media has empowered its audiences. From my understanding social media allows us to instantaneously share photos, likes and comments. Through this we are becoming active consumers rather than passive. But I also talk about how our empowerment has affected celebrities such as Kim Kardashian through our online activity and persona.

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2 thoughts on “Started from the bottom now we’re here.

  1. Working from your first statement “If it wasn’t for me, that wouldn’t of happened”, you’re suggesting that the empowerment we have gained from convergent media, allows our actions to have direct consequences. But your blog post is highlighting something more important, and that’s convergent media is providing us with greater ways to engage and create conversations. Maybe: If it wasn’t for us, it wouldn’t have happened – seems to be the correct statement now.


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