Apples and Aliens.

Society is divided into two categories, apples and aliens. I for one enjoy my fresh fruit, its easy to cut up, easy to digest and I enjoy staying up to date with the freshest fruit on the market. Whereas aliens aren’t particularly my thing, researching about their existence, characterisation and there aesthetics are not appealing to me.

Apple and Android can be described as being on the ‘opposite ends of the spectrum’. In this weeks lecture we were able to delve into the world of technology and analyse the difference between a ‘closed application‘ and a ‘generative platform‘. A closed application represents Apple, Apple products are designed in such a way that limits user access to software and operating system and allows manufactures to retain predominant control. For example each software update is automatically programmed by the existing manufacturer, the user is unable to select certain parts of the update another would be the creation of applications. Apple must approve of its function and make in order for it to progress into the app store. Generative platform coincides with Android, its gives flexibility and innovation to the user. It allows the user to have choice in what they want to do and how they want to modify their device.

Since researching into ‘Wearable Technology‘ as my chosen media platform, I looked at the Apple iWatch and Android wear. This YouTube video explains both types of watches:

From researching the difference between Apple and Android and then comparing the information on each watch, I found that both appear to be exponentially similar. They appear to be locked applications, as they both have software and apps built in to aid to the users everyday needs. They are both generative in the sense that you can customise the clock face as well as the wrist strap, personally I think that these watches defy the barrier between Android and Apple due to their similarities.

Although on the other hand the ‘Pebble Watch‘, an interactive watch that is compatible with both iOS and Android. Many would argue that the Pebble Time Smartwatch is better than both the Android and Apple watch, one reason being that it is able to be compatible with various ecosystems which appeal to a mass market rather than a niche market. This shows that the Pebble Watch is a generative platform, which is preferred over a closed application.

It is interesting when comparing PCs to Macs and Android to iPhones. The general public prefer a locked platform, although when it comes to wearables a generative platform is preferred and is leaves the flexibility to connect one type of technology to the other.

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