Being Welcomed To The World of ‘Professionalism’

Brobdingnagian. Pandiculation.

These are what came up as I googled “long and complicated words”. Going through high school we were ‘advised’ by some to utilise the thesaurus and find bigger words that were able to make our arguments sound more ‘sophisticated’ and ‘professional’. Honestly most of the time my writing lost its meaning, if you were to point out a sentence and ask what a certain word meant 7/10 times it was never in my vocabulary.

You’re now thinking to yourself, why? How can you be a good writer if you can’t understand your own writing?

I asked myself this every time I went to write an essay. Commonly feedback would revolve around ‘try using more sophisticated language to boost your argument’, this was never a strong point of mine.

My first day of Uni contradicted this feedback, we were told in several lectures that the best blogs/articles are written in the simplest form. They utilise simple words and expressions that are able to enhance and give clarity to a point.

By reading some of the posts recommended to us by lectures and investigating authors like George Orwell, I found that even the most timeless writers suggest using simple yet sophisticated language and how this can create a professional tone to your piece of work in the simplest ways.

Being welcomed to the world of ‘professionalism’, is quite daunting at first. Fancy vocabulary is what comes to mind when I first picture what it means to become a professional writer. I will be honest it is very intimidating.

But from reading pieces that come from some of the best writers, is comforting when they explain how simplicity can be utilised in such a way to give your writing clarity and make your audience interested in what you have to tell.

Maybe being welcomed into the world of professionalism, isn’t so intimidating after all.


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